Long Term Furniture Rental

Quality and extensive choice of products

  • You can choose our ready-made packages or create your own package from either of our websites.
  • We offer bedroom and lounge furniture, dining sets and beds, along with kitchen equipment, soft furnishings, and white goods.

Flexible contract agreements

Our agreements are typically 24 or 36 months, with flexibility at the end of the agreement to:

  • Return the goods at no extra cost.
  • Exchange the goods for new and start a new agreement.
  • Option to purchase at the end of the term.

How much does it cost?

  • The monthly costs are dependent on the products you choose, based on a 24 month agreement every  £1000 of products would equate £55.00 per month, however all quotes are provided prior to order.
  • Please contact us with an inventory of your requirements and we’ll prepare a full quotation.
  • Payment terms are quarterly in advance. The first quarter will be payable to confirm your order and subsequent quarterly payments made by Direct Debit.

Can an individual rent the furniture or is it exclusively for companies?

  • This is typically offered to Limited companies. We can also help facilitate finance for customers wishing to use long term payment solution in personal rather than company name.

How quickly can I receive my furniture

  • We carry stock of certain ranges for immediate delivery, certain ranges of furniture have a lead time of up to 4 weeks.

Are there fees for delivery or making an application?

  • NO, the price you are quoted is for renting the furniture. We don’t charge any administration fees or application fees.
  • Delivery and assembly of the goods will be included in your quote and if you decide to return the furniture at the end of the agreement, collection is also included free of charge.

What guarantees are supplied with the goods?

  • Our ranges of furniture are supplied with between 1 and 5-year warranties, which will be noted on your quote.
  • Electrical appliances are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

What happens if items are damaged during the agreement period?

  • The agreement allows for fair wear and tear, therefore if you decide to return the goods at the end of the term we will accept it back in fair and reasonable condition.
  • If the damage is due to tenant miss-use and you need to replace the item then that becomes your responsibility to purchase a replacement.
  • If a furniture product fails during its warranty period we will liaise with you to deliver a replacement.
  • With all electrical appliances, it will be your responsibility to register the goods and to contact the manufacturer for any repairs required.

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